Business Hours
8 AM - 5 PM

Managed IT/Network

Managed IT Services

Managing computers and servers is a full-time job by itself, but it’s a burden many small business owners try to handle themselves to keep overhead costs down. Secured IT Professionals delivers worry-free protection, support, and security for your IT infrastructure.

Monitoring / Maintenance

24/7 Reporting of core network components.

Proactive application of server and PC/laptop Support

Patching, Threat Detection of relevant firmware, operating system and application patches. 

Daily review of logs, critical updates, management of network components in order to maintain a stable network.

Help Desk Support

When monitoring system detects an issue, our IT team will begin reviewing the information for immediate remediation. 

Help Desk Support hours are included in each package offer. Each package offered is customized based you business needs.

In the event of an emergency, you are always able to submit service request via the telephone, email or through your Client Portal.

Device Support

Computer and network server problems come in all shapes and sizes. 

The cause may be software or hardware-related, and often a combination of both. 

Either way, when a computer or server at your company is not working optimally, your business suffers from lost sales, unproductive employees, and missed opportunities.

IT Services Include

Install/fix devices & drivers
Remote Access/VPN’s/WIFi’s
Removal of junk files & programs
System Defrag
Firewall Configuration
Installation of new Operating Systems
Setup network for file sharing
Create Workgroup/Domain
Privacy & Security Consulting
Cabling and Relocation services
Vendor Management
Hard Drive Destruction
Email Security & Encryption
Google Apps & Office 365 Management
OS system updates