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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud

Deploy computing resources when and how you need them with this flexible, secure and high performance infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering.

A Cloud solution provides a platform on which you can run mission critical applications with options to connect through your private network as well as the ability to logically dedicate computer resources to achieve maximum performance.

Cloud Drives

Store, share, synchronize and collaborate on business contact and files.

Share files between users and devices (supports iOS, Android, Mobile Web, Windows, Mac and Linux).

Web Hosting

You can count on Secure IT Professionals for hosting anything from simple websites to complex applications, as well as all of your web, email and DNS needs.

Our business web hosting service provides the hardware, software, network connections, data centers and customer support your business demands

Exchange / E-Mail hosting

Our Hosted Exchange options allows you to quickly and seamlessly transition from your current version of Exchange to Hosted Exchange Server.

Ensure you meet regulatory compliance objectives while experiencing the predictability of per-user pricing and the enhanced security and reliability of a Hosted Exchange.

Cloud Backup

Facilitate business continuity and efficiency by ensuring that your data is always protected and available with Cloud Backup services from Secured IT.

Cloud Backup is powered by the ShadowProtect® professional-grade data protection technology platform.

Cloud VoIP Phone

Managed over your private phone network, Secured IT gives you superb VoIP call quality while reducing your initial and ongoing costs.

Cloud VoIP lets you future-proof your infrastructure by ensuring that you always have the most current features and functionality-without the headaches or costs typically associated with upgrades.