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Backup / Recovery Services

Data Recovery Plan

With multiple backup points with a disaster recovery appliance, Ensure that your business and data are safe and available in the event of a total loss disaster.

Cloud Backup Retention

Scheduled Hourly backups to the appliance of data changes on StorageCraft servers. Once complied at End of Day the transmission of file is automatically send to the cloud for complete disaster recovery.

Image Backups

An Image Backup captures everything about a system: its operating system software, application programs, data files, and even application settings. In a disaster, it can rebuilt an entire system from scratch with little more than a copy of your last Image Backup


Hourly Backups

Consolidated Nightly Backups

Annual Image Based Refresh

Backup Monitoring

Our monitoring using appropriate tools so that Secured IT gets an email or alert for any failed backups, which should be rerun as soon as possible.

Backup Validation

Validate and verify backups without doing actual restores for data retention